A hockey club formed from years of experience, solid values and an ambitious mission

Formed by great junior hockey coaches and a successful junior leadership team, Hawks HC is a new junior hockey club, set to become the best in England.

Hawks HC is the best club for young hockey players who wish to:

– Develop a lifelong passion for the sport

– Receive the best possible coaching, whatever their current level

– Have team success in local, regional and national completion

– Enjoy social interactions with their peers

– Develop hockey ability to achieve high standards at club, school, county, Talent Academy and National Level

– And most importantly, have fun while they are playing hockey

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Hawks Hockey Club was formed in 2024 to become a junior focused club in the Sussex, Surrey and Kent region.

Driven by the need to provide young people a dedicated hockey environment which can invest resources back in to player development, we have a modern view of how to run a hockey club and the skills to deliver.

Use the accordion sections below to find out more about us and our V2MOM (Vision, Values, Methods, Objectives & Measures) statements on how we run our club.

Our Experience

Hawks Director of Hockey, Calum Giles, and Director of Coaching, Willie Marshall, have a combined hockey playing experience from three Olympics, three Commonwealth Games, a World Cup, a Champions Trophy and many UK & European club championships.

Between them, they hold coaching experience of more than 50 years at school, club, and national level.

Combining this experience with a successful leadership team previously running junior operations at elite hockey club level, they have designed and launched a junior on-field experience that will shape a strong future for Hawks Hockey Club and lead the way that others will follow.


Our Vision

Hawks HC vision is to be one of best and most successful hockey clubs in England, focused on young players, providing excellent coaching, quality competition and a fun, inclusive community.

Our goal is to develop 1000’s of young players to reach their full potential and have a lifelong love of hockey.

During their time at Hawks HC, each player will feel valued and will progress into adulthood, passionate to continue playing hockey.

Our Values

Our values guide us when making decisions which will help us achieve our vision, these values are:

  • EXCELLENCE – Striving to provide the best environment and culture to nurture the physical, mental, emotional growth and experiences of young players through hockey


  • FUN – Recognising that enjoyment is at the heart of development & learning, ensuring that activities are engaging and fun for all


  • INCLUSIVE – Fostering a sense of belonging, unity regardless of background or ability and giving everyone equal opportunity to take part, grow & succeed

These values also form the acronym EFI, which in Latin means “I will be” – this is a statement we challenge young players to consider and complete, asking them to consider “what will you be?”.


Our Methods

We focus on a clear set of methods to how we operate, how we play and how we communicate. The methods deployed by a hockey club seem obvious but keeping them in focus makes the difference between success and mediocrity. Our methods are:


  • COMPETITION – We play in all relevant hockey competitions, and we compete to win.
  • COACHING – We provide professional, high-quality coaching which develops all levels of player
  • COMMUNITY – We play an active role in our community; within our club, within the area, within the sport
  • EXPERIENCES – We create experiences on and off the pitch, which are memorable and value everyone
  • COMMUNICATION – We communicate transparently, knowing that we are a club and not a business
  • WELFARE – We prioritise members physical & mental welfare above everything else
Our Objectives

To support our plans, Hawks HC focus on simple objectives to help us deliver our club vision and goals, these objectives are:

  • Coaching – Develop all players enthusiasm and ability in the sport, to allow them to reach their full potential.
  • Competition – Establish ourselves as a winning club at local, regional and national level in performance & development junior competition
  • Value – Ensure our members get value from their fees, are happy, get the opportunity to contribute and feel part of something great.
  • Finance – Build financial stability and an ability to invest in facilities and equipment, while remaining affordable to members
  • Quality – Maintain high standards of quality in our equipment, our communication and our systems, all focused on excellence in what we do
  • Partnership – Create, develop and maintain partnerships with schools & sponsors who share our vision
  • Certification – Achieve England Hockey Talent Centre certification and accreditation of our club & coaches

All of the time ensuring that we provide a safe environment for everyone associated.


Our Measures

To ensure our impact and success, the Hawks HC team measure hockey delivery, member satisfaction and outcomes in key areas, these include;

  • Coaching – Track progress of all players. Measure progress into pathway environments (school, county, TA, NAGS).
  • Competition – Track competition results and participation for all teams. Striving to win more than we lose.
  • Value – Bi-annual membership surveys using NPS as measure (Value for money, happiness, overall satisfaction). Track and measure renewal rates. Provide inclusivity for all, at general meetings.
  • Finance – Reinvest 80% of every subscription into the seasons provision of hockey. Set and achieve annual financial targets for ‘float’ and ‘sinking fund’, measured monthly.
  • Quality – Use the best playing and practice equipment. Survey quality of communication. Invest in tools focused on membership satisfaction.
  • Partnership – Bring onboard new partners. Renewal relationships with ALL existing partners annually.
  • Certification – Achieve ‘ClubMark’ certification in Year 1 and Talent Centre accreditation within 3 years

By measuring these effectively, Hawks HC can provide continuous improvement in the key objectives we focus on.