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Where potential is unlocked and a life long passion for hockey is achieved. 

There are a lot of reasons to join Hawks HC.

Whether you are getting in to club hockey for the first time, play already and need a new team, or looking to stretch your ability to reach higher goals, we offer excellent coaching, a fun learning environment and an inclusive club to enjoy your hockey.

New players prefer to come along for a few sessions to make sure they enjoy what Hawks has to offer, before committing to membership. Please complete the below form to enquire and we’ll get back to you within a day or so.

To find out more reasons to join Hawks HC, please use the accordion below.

How to Join for the 2024/25 Season


We are now open for applications from players who would like to join Hawks Hockey Club for the 24/25 season.

If you are interested in this, please read about how and the process to follow by clicking the button below:


Player specific benefits

A few reasons players will benefit at Hawks Hockey Club

A club with a plan full of ambition

Being part of a hockey club is great for developing your skills, being part of a team and sharing a common passion with others.

Being part of a club with a plan makes the difference between a great experience and a mediocre one.

Hawks HC has a clear plan on who it is, what is seeks to achieve and how it will benefit its members. Read our About Us page for the details of this.

Hockey beginners - pick up good habits early

Hockey is a fun sport, with lots of moving around and cognitive development.

We make hockey FUN for everyone and our goal for new players is to get them to enjoy the game with fun games and participation.


Receive quality coaching - consistently

At Hawks HC we believe good coaching is essential to ensure fun and development for players.

Under the guidance of our Director of Hockey and Director of Coaching, our professional and non-professional coaches follow a program designed to enhance every players experience.

From the start Hawks HC intend to provide professional coaching for every practice session and game, meaning player’s experience is consistent.

Play competitive games - at the right level

Game play is where the training is put to use and normally where the most fun is had.

Hawks HC is in the middle of the South East Hockey Region and takes part in competition in Sussex, Surrey & Kent. This means we can seek the correct competition for our teams, with a balance of league, cup and friendly matches for all.

Teams at Hawks offer consistency and development opportunity and the key to our success is knowing our players, which allows us to provide them the best gameplay for their stage of learning.

Be part of a community - be valued

Our community involvement ranges through clubs, schools and our own club community.

Hawks HC make our members feel part of something great. Whether at the club for training, being part of a social occassion, competing at a match or tournament or playing for a school team, Hawks HC players will bond with other ‘Hawks’ to make them feel valued.


Personal hockey development

With professional coaching, competitive inclusion for everyone, community links and exceptional experiences, Hawks HC is the perfect club if you wish to progress your personal ability in hockey.

Want to progress to a higher school team? – Regular hockey at Hawks HC will help.

Want to get selected for county hockey? – The quality coaching at Hawks HC will help your skills standout.

Want to reach the top of the game? – Our club is formed by Olympic & Commonwealth games level coaches, who can share that experience with you and guide you on a path to be your best.

In addition to team and age group hockey, various academies run in association with the club, focusing on the needs of high-potential players looking to develop their talent to a higher level.


Perfect player pathways to adulthood

Young players take a pathway to reach their potential. Our internal enviroment is designed to get the best best out of every player, whatever their desire and potential.

Hawks goal is to send each young Hawk in to adulthood with a passion, and associated ability, to play hockey for years to come. This might include playing for GB, a univeristy side or a community club.

With no allegance to a particular senior club, but relationship with many, we help players take steps on their pathway by utilising the right adult team, whether at university or other adult clubs. This is a discussion with player and parent when the time is right and all part of our commitment to do the best by junior players. 

Parent value

Hawks HC believe parents should get value for money from their membership fees.

We are a Community Association Sports Club, meaning we are not for profit and use any income we recieve to provide and expand our ability to provide great quality hockey for all.

Reguaraly during a hockey season we will communicate with you how we are running the club, where the money goes and what is being provided.

We will take your feedback and be completely transparent on our finances.

Everyone who is a member of the club owns a piece of it, so parents should get the value they deserve.

Enjoyable experiences

Integral to Hawks HC’s ethos is to compliment club hockey with experiences to enhance players connection with the sport, each other and the club.

We have additional experiences for players looking to advance their skills to progress in pathways, and for those looking to start or develop their skills. These experiences will be designed to suit the needs of club members.

Whether attending hockey camps at Stickwise, going bowling with your team, social gatherings or a hockey tour abroad, Hawks build bonds and develop their hockey in the experiences provided by the club.

Club specific benefits

A few of the general benefits of Hawks Hockey Club

Unique club with unique opportunities

Whilst Hawks Hockey Club is newly formed, the founders bring with them methods, which have been proven to succeed over many years. We implement these practices to ensure an excellent, fun and inclusive environment for junior hockey players to be successful & happy.

Hawks Hockey Club has a strong vision and great values, what separates us from the rest?

The accordion below highlights the benefits of being a Hawk, so please take a moment to explore.

Experienced coaching team and proven hockey programme

 Calum Giles, Director of Hockey, is in charge of all the coaching and on-field activity for our members. Calum brings with him a plethora of experience, ranging from coaching teams, to leadership roles at two high performing hockey clubs, Teddington and Blackheath & Elthamians.

As well as experience running club hockey, Calum was Head of Hockey at Eltham College, making the school highly regarded in the sport. He has subsequently moved jobs to become Head of Hockey at Worth School to create a successful hockey program there.

In addition to club & school hockey, Calum runs his own hockey camp, Stickwise which is one of the most popular hockey camps in the country. Furthermore, Calum is sought out by elite hockey players across the country to coach 1-1 for skills improvement.

Supporting Calum is Director of Coaching, Willie Marshall. Willie has a hockey career that all players should aspire to. He’s played for his country in the Commonwealth Games and played Premier League and European club hockey for Surbiton.

With a passion for the sport and coaching, Willie has coached teams (senior & junior) at national and regional league hockey clubs. He is so good at it, his professional career has followed the sport in teaching, acting as Director of Hockey at St John’s Leatherhead School.

Calum & Willie have experience training teams of coaches to deliver their successful programmes at club & school level. All Hawks coaches work under a tried and tested framework, which has produced adult players of all abilities who have a passion for hockey and highly successful teams at all levels.

As we like to show our hockey prowess rather than talk about it, we give to many specifics away about our internal plans. However, with our leadership’s proven successes, our members are in for a great hockey experience and our opposition are in for a tough one!

Unshackling club hockey for juniors and their parents

 While history is important, only the future matters when it comes to results and player development, particularly for young players who gain skills at remarkable and different rates.

This is why Hawks Hockey Club are so excited about the lack of limitations we have as a newly formed and junior focused club. 

In our experience, there is often a list of “can’t do” things which specifically affect juniors at other hockey clubs.

  • You can’t train at the same time as the senior players;
  • You can’t have extra pitch space for practice;
  • You can’t design your own program, it needs to align with the wider club;
  • You can’t use other pitches;
  • You can’t recommend other clubs for adult progression; and
  • You can’t control your own budget

Hawks Hockey Club has none of the legacy challenges facing more established, multi-section clubs, who are tied to a particular site or adult sections. We have a clean slate on how we design the perfect club environment for young players.

Without the burden of being shackled to a complex established environment, we can do what we need to produce successful teams, help individuals make improvements in their own game and help young people on hockey pathways which match their potential.

Beyond the benefits to junior players, our club constitution provides families with a voice. Unlike many clubs, parents and families of our young players are our official members.

Parents vote on how the club is run and operates, making our leadership team accountable to their wishes, and this drives us to do the right thing for you and your young player.

Laser focus on young hockey players

 Young players need to be treated correctly. From the youngest to the grumpiest! (6 to 18 year-olds), each stage of a young person’s development is important.

Hawks Hockey Club is focused purely on this age range of player and therefore we are laser focused on their needs. By not adding the complexities of adults in the mix, we have no outside influence which can cloud this vision.

Too often in hockey clubs, the juniors receive only what the adult club has to offer. This might be brilliant, as hockey is a lovely niche sport which is played by adults passionate about passing on the game to new generations, but sometimes it’s not focused enough on the young players.

Being a junior focused hockey club, Hawks designs our coaching and training program with young players in mind. First and foremost to everything, is making sure they have fun. Young players who come back season after season, are those who will improve.

Our welfare team focuses on pastoral care, in addition to the obvious basics of safeguarding and health & safety. Using knowledge from school teachers and other professionals, we take the mental wellbeing of our young players to another level in hockey clubs. As our key mission is to send 1000’s of young people into adulthood with a passion for our sport, ensuring they are valued and feel part of the sport, is essential.

When it is right for a player or group of players, we help them play adult hockey in a team which is able to accommodate their needs, with advice on which clubs & higher education establishments offer good options for them to continue, progress and enjoy hockey as an adult.


Sound good to you? Great, follow the button below for how to join Hawks in the 2024/25 season, or email us on [email protected] with any questions you have.

Before you go, please checkout the “Our Teams” page for the player groups we accommodate.