Hawks Hockey Club

 Where Players Soar

Welcome to the website of Hawks HC, a new, junior focused hockey club based in the heart of the South East England hockey region.

Created to provide an exceptional hockey experience to young players, our club is built on strong values and is focused on developing a long term passion for hockey in young people.

With a proven professional coaching team led by Calum Giles, a strong leadership team and amazing players, Hawks HC is the first choice hockey club for any young player, regardless of their hockey ability, goals and aspirations.

Our vision:

Our vision is to be one of the best and most successful, junior focused, hockey clubs in the country.

We pride ourselves on our values of excellence, fun and inclusivity, “EFI”. These winning values ensure every player gets the most out of club hockey.

Our goal is to develop 1000s of young players to reach their full hockey potential, offering pathways to play at elite, participation and social levels.

We welcome you to become a Hawks player, please use the join us page to send us an enquiry.

Take a look around:

News Update – Early July, at cruising altitude.

Multiple midweek training, even more "why Hawks", Q&A and more    Exciting news about Hawks HC progress to being ready as a hockey club in Sussex in 2024/25. Flexible midweek training at Hawks HC Dutch junior hockey is the best in the world (don't worry,...

Join Hawks 24/25

Join Hawks Hockey Club for 2024/25 We are excited to announce Hawks Hockey Club is now accepting membership applications for the 2024/25 season. This is our first season and to help us make a great experience for everyone, we request you follow our membership signup...

Hawks HC – News Update June….. Fees, Training, Official Status and more……..

News update, June 2024 - Fees, Training Calendar, Our program & Official Club Registration   Read some great news, important information and take part in an important decision about how the club run. Our New Website is here! Welcome to the Hawks HC new...

Partnership announcement – Stickwise & Hawks Hockey Club

Hawks Hockey Club are thrilled to announce a partnership with Stickwise, the premier hockey camp provider in the south east. This partnership is formed to offer continued opportunity to junior hockey players to continue developing their game, outside of our club...

The Unsung Hero: Why Good Coaching Matters for Young Hockey Players

Hockey is a dynamic and demanding sport, requiring a blend of technical skill, tactical awareness, and physical fitness. While natural talent plays a role, young players heavily rely on the guidance and expertise of their coaches to unlock their full potential and...

Why launch a new hockey club?

,  The hockey club system in England is the backbone of the sport, clubs have been the cornerstone of supporting hockey for over 125 years. As a fairly niche sport, clubs traditionally try to embrace players at all levels; starting out for the first time, developing...