Multiple midweek training, even more “why Hawks”, Q&A and more 


Exciting news about Hawks HC progress to being ready as a hockey club in Sussex in 2024/25.

Flexible midweek training at Hawks HC

Dutch junior hockey is the best in the world (don’t worry, we’re not moving to Amsterdam) and we want to bring a little of this to Hawks Hockey Club in Sussex. 

Having access to practice sessions and coaching is key to team and player development. The Dutch do this best because they have huge open clubs, where juniors attend multiple times a week to train. 

For Under 10’s and above, the training schedule at Hawks offers every age group a very dutch two midweek training sessions. 

We see our members using this to either have extra hockey practice, or to pick a midweek training session which suits their diaries. This makes Hawks super accessible, while allowing us to provide excellent coaching for all.

Find out how this looks for your age group by clicking the button below.

Reasons to join the Hawks – Why would’t you!?!

Everyone’s priorities for children to play a team sport should include; for them to have fun, meet a great group of friends, take a hobby in to adulthood, be active and perhaps even be a national superstar (if you want to get rich, I’d try football). 

Why join Hawks to help them achieve these through hockey?

Our “Join Us” page has some great reasons you should be part of Hawks Hockey Club.

The “Club specific benefits” section touches on our leadership & coaching experience, our focus on young players and the benefit of being detached from adult sections. The “Player specific benefits” section looks at how Hawks provides coaching, game play, pastoral care and personal hockey development. 

If you are local to our club and keen to get the best for your kids, we can tell you that we are experts at running hockey for juniors and believe this information and our reputation, proves it. Please contact us if something important isn’t answered, we speak “adult” too!

Click on the link below to access this information on the Join Us page.  

Join us for the 24/25 season

We are ready to set the hockey world alight for the 2024/25 season, why don’t you join us?

Registration to join Hawks Hockey Club is now open and we have a process to ensure you can express your intent to join, without having to pay yet. In return, you’ll receive our commitment that we have a great team for your child to be part of. 

Use the “How to Join” button to read how to be part of Hawks Hockey Club this season. 

Result of our Q&A

In our previous article explaining how to Join Hawks HC, we offered the opportunity for parents to ask questions about the club and the upcoming season.

We had a number of questions about training days, and this has resulted in our new “Dutch style” training schedule. 

We also had a couple of questions about which “Tier” league and competition our teams will play in…….. this is hard to answer until we know our players and their ability. Our answer generally is “the correct level of competition for the teams we have“. Getting this right is so important; too hard and players get demoralised, too easy and while parents are happy, the kids don’t learn much. 

Generally though, we’re pleased we must have provided lots of great info, as we haven’t had many questions and we’ve had a lot of people signup. Someone in our team gets a “pat on the back”!

Please keep the questions coming. We’re happy to answer emails, chat on the phone, meet with you or publish future clarification publicly in our communications. Here’s the link to the form if this is your preference: Parent question submission form – click here

Thank you for reading

If you have any questions or comments, please email [email protected]