Join Hawks Hockey Club for 2024/25

We are excited to announce Hawks Hockey Club is now accepting membership applications for the 2024/25 season. This is our first season and to help us make a great experience for everyone, we request you follow our membership signup process.

This article explains why we are following this process, information you will need, what we would like you to do, and next steps.

We appreciate many of you are turning your attention to the summer break, so your cooperation is gratefully received in this exciting first year for the club.

Why this process?

Rather than just direct you to join the club immediately, we have decided to follow a process for accepting our first set of members.This is all about making sure we have something great to provide our players and so we can be completely transparent with everyone about what we have for them. We do not want to get in to a place where we are accepting members who won’t have a team.

Therefore our process is following these three key stages:

Stage 1 – Our first stage was to manage a “Register of Interest”. This shows us that we have more than enough players to run teams in EVERY Junior age group, which is fantastic. (If you have received an email from [email protected] you are already on the Register of Interest).

Stage 2 – Now we ask those on our “Register of Interest” to give us a little more commitment. This will allow us to confirm that we still have teams in every junior age group. This looks incredibly realistic and if anything, we feel we might be looking for more pitch space to accommodate everyone, rather than cutting back on groups.

Stage 3 – We are implementing a membership management system called “MyClubHouse”. Once we have completed Stage 2, we will be uploading everyone in to the system and at this stage you will be asked to absolutely confirm your membership by providing payment details. (We don’t need anyone to pay until August, there’s nothing to pay for at this time of year).

We have upper limits to each age group so we can ensure good quality training, and get everyone games. So while there may be spaces inside these limits, we would appreciate if everyone from the Register of Interest could follow this process to ensure we can accommodate them.

Information you will need

To help you make a decision to join, we think you would like to know where & when training is and how much membership costs? If you would like to know more about our club, our Vision & Values, our Leadership Team or what we provide Our Teams, please take a look around our website.

Membership Fees – Membership to Hawks Hockey Club for the 2024/25 season runs from the 1st of September 2024 until the 13th of April 2025 (with breaks in school holidays). The fees are:

– Under 8’s – £135 (monthly instalment option available)

– Under 10’s and Under 12’s – £230 (monthly instalment option available)

– Under 14’s and Under 16’s – £275 (monthly instalment option available)

These all workout to less than £5 per hour of hockey and are inclusive of all club outfield hockey activity including coaching & games.

We are a registered charity and will be providing full, clear, transparent accounts on how membership fees are used to provide hockey to our members.

Training Days – Under 8’s just have hockey on Sunday, every other age group has midweek training in addition to Sunday activity.

As a new club, not tied to any legacy challenges of pitch space and locations, we have some interesting options for players this season.

All Under 10 players can chose to not attend midweek training on a reduced membership fee. Particularly for players in Year 4 at school, midweek training can be too much and being tired or stressed might have a negative effect. For those who want it a great session is available but if you would rather not attend midweek, we can accommodate this. Left to parent decision making.

Boys in Under 10’s and Under 12’s can choose one of two sessions during the week, and if numbers allow, take part in both.

Girls in Under 14’s and Under 16’s also have an option on days of the week, but this season we also have an option on location. We are providing Hawks midweek training at Worth School and Hurstpierpoint College, to take our coaching where our members need it.

To get full details on the day and time of training for your group, please visit our TRAINING DAYS WEBPAGE HERE.

More questions? – We also appreciate this is new territory for many. Lots of people want to come and experience the excellent coaching provided by our experienced coaching team, or to stay connected with friends and teammates. If you have remaining questions, please feel free to email us directly on [email protected] OR submit your question via our Hawks Parents Q&A form (which can be anonymous if you prefer and we will provide answers in our next news articles.

Your actions and next steps

We would love everyone to be able to settle in to their summer, prepared for the hockey season to start on the 1st of September, this is where you come in.

Please please help us to help everyone else, by reviewing all of the information provided, asking any questions you might have and completing our Hawks Hockey Club – Intent to Join Form.

We would be very grateful if you can do this within these proposed dates, which will help us and all the other Hawks members:

– Questions specific to joining by 28th of June, we will aim to publish all the questions we receive and answers by the 30th of June. Either send us an email or use the Parent Q&A Form

– Let us know before the 10th of July if you intend to join, by using the Hawks Hockey Club – Intent to Join Form. We will confirm to everyone on the form that we have the right teams for your player before the 17th of July.

– Make sure people you know, are aware of this article and the process. We are having some trouble with email going to Junk Folders, so please spread the word.

– Follow our Hawks WhatsApp channel to make sure you receive all the future communications more reliably.

And whatever you do, please try and keep the kids involved in hockey. It’s a great sport, which gives lots of opportunity, we hope they love it and take it forward as a life skill.


Hawks HC team