The hockey club system in England is the backbone of the sport, clubs have been the cornerstone of supporting hockey for over 125 years. As a fairly niche sport, clubs traditionally try to embrace players at all levels; starting out for the first time, developing their passion or complimenting other environments in the search for elite level participation.

However, challenges for established hockey clubs are common. With small participation from adults and the expensive facilities needed to provide the game, clubs have a tricky balancing act to provide a good experience for everyone. Clubs need lots of members to support themselves financially but are limited with facilities and resources to deliver a good experience for all. 

Those clubs with historic commitments and legacy ways of engaging their members, struggle to get the balance right while they search for the best for everyone. This leads to dissatisfaction and players exiting the club and as sadly, the game.

A new club, has a clean slate.

Starting a club with a clear vision is the best way for it to succeed, this is much more likely in a club which is newly formed.

Not needing to manage legacy attitudes, support groups which are no longer a priority and being able to have a clear direction, puts a club in a much healthier position to be able to achieve its goals.

With the shackles off, a new hockey club can serve the players it feels help it meet its objectives and in return, it can provide an exceptional experience for them. It’s also easier to serve the varying needs of players, the community and the sport, with a clean slate from which to build upon.

Hawks HC – New club, clear vision

Here at Hawks HC we got together and agreed that hockey players who love the game will play it more, and if they play it more they will not only love it more, they will develop to the best of their ability.

With this attitude being the cornerstone of what we do, we are able to design a club vision to achieve its desired outcomes. Not having a legacy to uphold we are in a luxurious position amongst clubs to do the right thing from the start.

Focus on juniors

Having experience running clubs before, we understand that each section requires focus. Our long term mission is to build one of the greatest clubs in the country, able to serve minis through to vets.

Our teams passion however is for developing young players, and therefore our initial focus is on creating the best junior hockey club in the south east of England.

While adults need an environment to maintain and develop their game, children require inspiration, coaching, development and encouragement to fall in love with the game and improve. With a clear focus, we are able to serve them with exactly that.

We are formed to serve out hockey community and develop our players, our infrastructure and our sport. Why not checkout our Join Us page and enquire about being part of something new.